HERE.   An Immersive Series conceived and directed by Kelly Bartnik.   Photos by Tyler Sparks.




A 12 hour durational work for one participant at a time in 20 minute intervals.   Photos by Maria Baranova-Suzuki.

Independent Study, Written by Ben Gassman, Directed by Ran Xia

The Tank, Nov 2018. Photos by Asya Gorovits

PLANO, written by Will Arbery. Directed by Taylor Reynolds.  Choreography by Kelly Bartnik

Cast: Brendan Dalton, Crystal Finn, Susannah Flood, Ryan King, Cesar J. Rosado, Mary Shultz, Miriam Silverman.   



Performing in The Loon by Witness Relocation.   Photos by Maria Baranova-Suzuki.

Rehearsal Process.   Photos by Maria Baranova with Kelly Bartnik and Aigner Mizzelle.  


Prey.  Choreography by Shannon Hummel.   Photos by Richard Finkelstein.




On Your Marks.  Choreography by Kelly Bartnik

VA Repertory Dance Company with Katherine Maloney and Cassandra Stern.  

Photos by Richard Finkelstein.


Elsewhere. Choreography by Shannon Hummel.

Performed by Kelly Bartnik, Julie Betts, Lisa Bleyer, Galois Cohen, Donna Costello

Photos by Steven Schreiber.


All That is Seen.  Choreography by Kelly Bartnik.

Performed by Kelly Bond, Lauren Bain, Pinling Lin.





Choreographed & Performed by Kelly Bartnik.



But Not For Me.  Choreographed by Kelly Bartnik.

Performed by Alicia White & Rachel Winneg.




the no piece. 

Choreographed by Kelly Bartnik




Innocence.  GK1 Productions.  Photos by Kamau Mucoki.

Choreographed by Kelly Bartnik.  Performed by Kelly Bartnik & Gina Kohler.




In Light of the Day with RVA Dance Collective. 

Residency and Performance.  Dogtown Dance Theater, Richmond. 

Photos by Mike Keeling and Dave Parrish.




Slit with Emily Cargill & Dancers.

Choreography by Kelly Bartnik, Emily Cargill, Kathleen Wessel and Erik Thurmond. 




Breathe Me.   Photos by Kamau Mucoki.